Japan (2016)

Day 7: Izu Peninsula

We took a bus from Hakone to Odawara and then a (7-minute!) bullet train ride from Odawara to Atami. In Atami, we rented a car and drove around the Izu Peninsula.

Atami, where we started, is on the east side of the peninsula. The first photo below was taken when going through the mountains to cross the peninsula (a harrowing drive...). The next photos are from when we reached the west coast.

Our rental car for the day.

If you look closely, you can see Mount Fuji on the middle-right of the photo below. The following photos zoom in.

We stopped to have a warm drink. This photo is looking back at the windy road we'd just come down.

We returned the rental car to a very nice employee who was probably surprised we didn't wreck it. (He didn't speak English, and my Japanese was sufficient until it came time to discuss issues of car insurance. He had to call a company translator to resolve the discussion between us.) Then we took a bullet train (pictured below) from Atami to Tokyo Station, and a regular train from Tokyo Station to Ueno Station.

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