Japan (2016)

Day 6: Hakone

It rained all day this day. :(

Mount Fuji is somewhere behind those rain clouds.

Steve, not enjoying the tourist-y boat ride across the lake.

The Hakone Shrine, located next to Lake ashi.

We walked along part of the Old Tokaido Road from Lake Ashi to a tea house. The rain and fog gave it a surreal atmosphere.

The tea house (Amazake Chaya) on the Old Tokaido Road. It serves amazake tea.

The next photos are from Choanji, a Buddhist temple in Hakone. We walked around the grounds, which contain hundreds of statues.

During the late afternoon, we walked around in the rain, eager for food but disappointed to discover that all the restaurants were closed between 2-5pm. We decided to start walking back to our hotel (an hour walk) until it hit 5pm, and then to stop at the first restaurant we came across after 5pm. One minute before 5pm, we found a restaurant with a few vegetarian items, as well as a courtesy shuttle back to our hotel! The waitress didn't speak any English, but I knew enough Japanese to communicate. The picture below is of hills next to the restaurant.

Looking at Lake Ashi from our hotel room.

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