Japan (2016)

Day 5: Traveling to Hakone

We took a regular train from Matsumoto to Nagoya (2 hours, ~130 miles), and then a bullet train (shinkansen) from Nagoya to Odawara (1 hour, ~170 miles). The first photo is of the bullet train. Riding it was an experience!

We saw Mount Fuji for a few minutes toward the end of the bullet train ride.

From Odawara, we took a bus to Hakone. We dropped our bags off at the hotel (a ryokan), then took a ropeway from there down to Lake Ashi. The next few photos are from the ropeway. (We couldn't go in the opposite direction on the ropeway because it was closed due to volcanic gas.)

We took a boat across Lake Ashi.

We walked around the other side of Lake Ashi for a little bit. We found this (closed?) temple, which had a graveyard.

While waiting for the boat to return, we saw Mount Fuji!

The shrine pictured below is one of the places we went the next day.

The view of Lake Ashi from our hotel room.

The view of Mount Fuji from our hotel room! We enjoyed watching the sun set over Mount Fuji. This was our only time seeing Mount Fuji from our room because it rained all day the next day.

Our traditional Japanese room, which had tatami mats and futons.

Our meager vegetarian dinner that night: edamame and egg potato chips. (Not pictured: Ritz cheese crackers.)

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