Japan (2016)

Day 4: Alpine Route, 2nd half

A section of trail was closed due to an increase in volcanic gas a few years earlier.

You can see the (closed) trail on the right.

There were many people climbing the mountains that day.

The trail in this photo goes to a now-abandoned hotel (because of the volcanic gas), as well as to the start of some base camps for climbing.

The snow to the left of the trail is discolored because of the gas. At the end of the trail is the abandoned hotel.

The colorful spots in the bottom right of this photo are tents of climbers. (The following photo zooms in.)

The tiny figures in the middle of this photo are people climbing the mountain. (The following photo zooms in.)

Volcanic gas by the abandoned hotel.

The next two photos are "before" and "after" shots. Either the wind shifted or the gas increased (or both). It became hard to breathe, so we had to leave this spot.

You can just make out tiny climbers on the mountain.

This is the group of climbers we saw starting their trek (thirteen photos back).

The rare bird attracted quite a crowd.

About to go back down the ropeway.

Inside the packed cable car.

Back at the dam.

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