Japan (2016)

Day 4: Alpine Route, 1st half

First view of the mountains during the train ride from Matsumoto to Shinano-Omochi. We then took a bus from Shinano-Omochi to Ogizawa, where the alpine route begins.

The alpine route consists of: (1) A trolley bus from Ogizawa to the Kurobe Dam. (2) A cable car from the Kurobe Dam to Kurobedaira. (3) A ropeway from Kurobedaira to Daikanbo. (4) A trolley bus from Daikanbo to Murodo.

Murodo is the highest point of the route. The route continues for four more steps to get on the other side of the mountains, but we wanted to spend time at Murodo so we stayed there for a few hours and then turned around.

The first few pictures below are of the Kurobe Dam.

The view of the dammed lake from Kurobedaira.

The ropeway up to Daikanbo is behind me.

The view from inside the ropeway car.

Every vehicle we took on the route was packed, and we weren't even there on one of the busiest days.

The view from the top of the ropeway.

The viewing station at Daikanbo.

There's a waterfall coming out of the snow in the bottom middle of this photo. The next photo zooms in on it.

There was a gift shop inside Daikanbo station, and they sold face masks that leave the image of cat or dog face on your face after a few minutes.

Murodo: The high point of the Alpine Route.

The next part of the route is a bus ride through the "snow corridor" (photos below), but we stayed at Murodo.

A shrine at the top of Mount Tateyama.

This bird is called a raicho. It only lives in the mountains, and the pamphlet for the route said we'd be lucky if we saw one. (We saw multiple raicho.)

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