Japan (2016)

Day 3: Kiso Valley

It was raining when we left Matsumoto that morning and it continued raining for most of the train ride.

Outside the Nagiso train station. We took a bus from Nagiso to Tsumago.

The bus stop at Tsumago.

We arrived at Tsumago early in the morning. None of the shops were open yet, so we enjoyed walking around the quiet streets. About 20-30 minutes later, the streets became packed with bus loads of schoolkids.

The streets of Tsumago packed with schoolkids (a huge contrast from earlier that morning).

We walked on an old postal road connecting Tsumago and Magome (~2-3 hours).

Halfway between Tsumago and Magome, there's a tea house serving free green tea. The host was really likable, and every visitor at the tea house was a foreigner (Singapore, Shanghai, U.S.A., France).

The host told us to pose for a picture.

The tea house from the outside.

Getting close to Magome, a section of the road had red and white materials in it. It looked like fallen blossoms.


A different group of schoolkids were at Magome.

When we returned to Matsumoto that evening, the city was having an arts festival downtown.

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