Japan (2016)

Day 2: Kamikochi

We took a train and then bus from Matsumoto to Kamikochi. The first few photos are from the bus as we approached Kamikochi.

The Kappa Suspension Bridge, from where photos of the well-known Kamikochi spot are taken.

The classic Kamikochi scene.

Monkeys on the trail!

The first ladder on the trail to Mount Yake.

Looking up toward the summit of Mount Yake.

The holes at the bottom of this photo are two fumaroles (of many on Mount Yake) emitting volcanic gas.

In the middle, you can just make out the trail going up.

Volcanic gas.

More volcanic gas, and the summit of Mount Yake -- so near, yet so far! The weather changed quickly and rain had been forecast for the afternoon. There was still a fair amount of (very steep) climbing to go and we didn't want to descend in pouring rain (especially with all the ladders), so we turned around about 20 minutes after taking this picture.

The summit, now in clouds.

Finished with our hike, we could see Mount Yake, with its summit still in clouds.

A shot of Mount Yake during the bus ride back to the train station. (It didn't start raining until shortly after our hike, so we got lucky.)

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