Japan (2016)

Arrival (Shinjuku) and Day 1 (Matsumoto)

We arrived late afternoon and took a train from Tokyo-Narita airport to Shinjuku station, then walked to our hotel. The first two photos are from walking around Shinjuku.

The next morning, we took a train from Shinjuku to Matsumoto, arriving around 1pm. We went to Matsumoto castle and walked around the city of Matsumoto.

Someone had baby rabbits outside Matsumoto castle.

The view from inside Matsumoto castle.

Very steep stairs inside Matsumoto castle.

There were wells with natural spring water all around the city of Matsumoto.

The next few photos were taken at a shrine in Matsumoto.

Walking around Matsumoto.

We happened upon this place. I don't know what it is, but the algae on the pond was crazy.

A sculpture outside a museum in Matsumoto.

More walking around Matsumoto.

Sunset and nightfall at Matsumoto Castle.

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