Costa Rica, January 2016

Day 5

Arenal Volcano, as seen from the town of La Fortuna

Kayaking on Lake Arenal

The view of Arenal Volcano from the second floor of our hotel in La Fortuna.

Arenal Volcano, as seen from El Silencio park.

Huge ants in El Silencio

Capuchin monkeys! We encountered these two in El Silencio toward the end of our hike. They were just as interested in us as we were in them. (They were quite high up in the trees, so these photos used a lot of zoom.)

Day 6: Free ranging roosters at the place where we went zip lining. (There are no photos from zip lining)

An enormous dead cockroach we encountered while walking around Liberia

Day 7: Views of Costa Rica from our plane shortly after taking off from Liberia

Cloud-topped volcanoes

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