Costa Rica, January 2016

Day 1

A cute dog at a cafe we stopped at for "iced" (room temperature) coffee

One of the first coati we saw.

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean, as viewed from the Sunset Bar of Buena Vista Lodge (our hotel)

Day 2

Hiking to the spa and waterfall on Buena Vista Lodge's property

An iguana we saw on our hike

This hike was the first of many times we encountered enormous ant trails

Plantains growing next to the waterfall

One of the first of many cool fig trees we saw

Buena Vista Lodge has a hanging bridge trail that went through and over the canopy. This photo is the view from one hanging bridge.

An incredible fig tree, as viewed from a hanging bridge

A secluded waterfall where I received 18 bug bites.

The same fig tree from earlier photos, as viewed from the ground. When we stopped to take these photos, howler monkeys were howling fiercely somewhere up in the canopy.

About an hour after hearing howling monkeys elsewhere on Buena Vista Lodge's property, we saw over a dozen of them eating and moving around the trees immediately behind our hotel room.

I followed the howler monkeys as a group of them moved to a different set of trees, and on my way I encountered this creature that looks like a miniature capybara. (We also saw one of them earlier in the day, but didn't get any photos.)

This howler monkey with enormous balls kept putting himself in easy-to-photograph spots, so I have many pictures of him.

Yes, his balls are huge and impossible not to look at.

I love this guy's expression as he's eating.

Can you count all the howler monkeys in the tree?

This poor coati is missing half his face. It looks like he was attacked a long time ago. He enjoyed diving into trash cans.

Day 2 sunset at Buena Vista Lodge's Sunset Bar

This tarantula parked itself right outside our hotel room. The closest it got was about a foot and a half from our door.

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