South Korea 2015

Myeong-dong shopping district

Walking around Bukchon Hanok Village

Tea in Buckhon Hanok Village

Traditional barbecue (This was the vegetarian table in our group. We grilled mushrooms instead of meat. It was delicious.)

The view of Seoul from the hostel roof.

Geumsunsa Temple

There were two stray cats at the base of N Seoul Tower, and I fed them some snacks.

I got called on stage at Nanta for a dumpling-making competition, and we won! I received this photo as a souvenir/thanks for my participation. It was a blast.

Starbucks in Insa-dong. Most American companies in Seoul have English signs, but in Insa-dong it's law to have all main signs printed in hangul.

The remaining photos are from my tour of the DMZ. The first few photos are at the Joint Security Area. The blue buildings are conference space where the two countries meet. The buildings straddle South Korea and North Korea, so if you stand in the back you're technically in North Korea.

The men with their backs to the camera are South Korean guards.

The concrete line separating the dirt and gravel marks the border of South Korea and North Korea.

Using extreme zoom, here's the one North Korean visible at the JSA.

This photo was taken in North Korea, as you can see by the concrete border.

A South Korean guard in the conference building.

The Joint Security Area is known as a tense place, but the throng of tourists squeezed into the conference building gave it a very different feeling.

I was the last one out, so here's a great photo of the conference building free of tourists.

North Korea's "propaganda village," Kijong-dong.

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